Shipping & Delivery Policy

1. Introduction

1.1 This Shipping & Delivery Policy outlines the procedures and terms related to the shipping and delivery of specific documents, such as letters or certificates, provided by Tech King Solutions India.

1.2 Tech King Solutions India is located at Plot No: 265, Nagar Manmad Road, A/P: Shirdi, Tal.: Rahata, Dist.: Ahmednagar - 423109, with the following contact details:

2. Online Services

2.1 Tech King Solutions India primarily provides online services. As a result, the majority of our offerings do not involve physical shipping.

3. Dispatch of Letters or Certificates

3.1 In cases where physical dispatch is required, such as for letters or certificates, the recipient company is responsible for covering the associated shipping charges.

3.2 Charges for shipping will be borne by the recipient company, and Tech King Solutions India does not provide shipping services free of charge.

4. Shipping Charges

4.1 The shipping charges will be communicated to the recipient company before the dispatch of any physical documents.

4.2 Tech King Solutions India reserves the right to modify shipping charges as needed. Any changes will be communicated in advance.

5. Delivery Time

5.1 The delivery time for physical documents is subject to the chosen shipping method and the location of the recipient.

5.2 Tech King Solutions India will provide an estimated delivery time upon confirming the order and processing the relevant documents.

6. Cancellation and Refund

6.1 Due to the nature of the services provided, cancellation and refund requests related to shipping charges are not accepted.

7. Contact Information

7.1 For any inquiries or concerns regarding the Shipping & Delivery Policy, please contact us at the provided email address or phone number.